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radio aerials

Looking for radio aerials installation?

Digital radio aerial

Digital radio aerial set-up in Menai Bridge

Are you looking for digital radio? We at A.D.D Aerial Services are experts in the installation of digital radio aerials for your home. With accurate set-up, you can enjoy digital radio channels without any distortion or crackling sounds.

All radio channels come with crystal clear sound quality that is sure to enhance your listening experience. With a wide range of channels available, you can tune-in to your favourite channel anytime.

If you are tired of poor radio signal reception, simply contact us today. One of our specialists will visit your home and install a radio aerial at an affordable price.
If you are looking for radio aerial installation, get in touch with A.D.D Aerial Services today. Call
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Free call-out available

If you live in Menai Bridge or anywhere within its 20 mile radius, call us and we'll visit your home without any call-out charges. You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality service that will provide complete value for your money.

With modern DAB radios it pays to get a quality aerial installed. Why not make the most of your radio by having a quality aerial installed by the experts at A.D.D. Aerial Services? We will set up and install or repair any kind of aerial and we keep our prices affordable. Call our friendly team for more information on the variety of services we offer.
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